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About us

About us

Jet Car TV: Combination of Luxury and Speed Surface Vehicles

Jet Car TV is one of Turkey’s leading and prestigious Car-Jetski candidates. This brand, which draws attention with its 2-person Jet Vehicles that turn into family vehicles with its innovative design approach, is at the top of the market in international platforms thanks to its expert design team and its determination as a customer-oriented focus. Jet Car TV stands out with its unique design and performance in world waters.

Great Design, Freedom to Choose Your Own Engine

Jet Car TV impresses with its unique design and offers unparalleled freedom. You can customize your vehicle the way you want. Jet Car, which is delivered without a motor, offers its owners the opportunity to install the Jet Ski engines of their choice. Engines from reliable brands such as Sea Doo and Yamaha Motor in the range of 90 to 300 hp are recommended for Jet Car TV.

Immersive Overwater Experience

Jet Car TV stands out as the fiber boat model of jetcars, which are luxury vehicles floating on the sea. These special vehicles can reach high speeds thanks to their Jet Ski engines. Jet Car TV offers the highest level of security under the leadership of Marlin Marine company. Marlin Marine offers special services for marine lovers who want to have exclusive experiences in marine vehicles.

Superior Features of Jet Car TV

Jet Car TV brings the aesthetic features of a sports car above the sea with its eye-catching exterior. The vehicle has a 3″ engine option. The non-motorized version has a capacity of 400 kg and can carry 2 or 4 passengers. In addition, it draws attention with its wide expansion area that can be surfed, superior maneuverability and unique turning features. Leather seats, rear spoiler and side Details such as files complete the visual and appearance of the vehicle.In addition, the sports steering wheel, instrument panel and LED headlights offered in different options allow the vehicle to be personalized.

Performance with Powerful Engine Options

Jet Car TV combines power and performance with different engine options. The power of Jet Car TV is formed by the 4-stroke gasoline engines of reliable brands such as Yamaha and Sea Doo. Among the engine options of the vehicle, Yamaha has options from 1000 CC to 1800 CC and from 125 HP to 250 HP, as well as Sea Doo’s options from 1600 CC to 300 HP.

In conclusion

Jet Car TV is a unique watercraft that combines speed, luxury and freedom on the sea. Under the leadership of Marlin Marine, this vehicle stands out for its special dissolvable structures and superior performance. Jet Car TV, circulating in the waters of the world with its unique style, has become a favorite of sea lovers.

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